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This advertisement will be publishing in the Lankasri Homepage. An advertisement banner location is in no way guaranteed to be in permanent place, it can be randomly displayed. The placing of advertisements should be displayed on the left side of the page and just under the premium adverts.

Terms and conditions

  1. An advertisement banner location is in no way guaranteed to be in permanent place, it can be randomly displayed.
  2. Advertisement Banner should be sent by you. And banner size should be more than or 25kb and the width 170px height 100px and the format JPEG/JPG or GIF file only.
  3. The minimum duration of a contract will ordinarily be 3 months, for whom contract periods will be available for 3, 6 and 12 months.
  4. By chance if we have to create a banner for yourself extra 3 days should be taken to create a banner. So you will have to inform us before 3 days and the details should be mentioned and clearly notified to include in the banner. The fully created and finished banner would not be change for second time unless some specific reasons. Editing/changing banner will cost an extra payment.
  5. For the renewal of existing advert, you will have to make a payment through the invoice that generate in our client area. You will not be allowed to order a new product for renewal of existing advert, will only have access to renew the products that are currently in active in your client area.
  6. If you comes to order an new product as replacing for the existing renewal product, the existing product will be terminated and the new product will take 3 weeks time to publish.
  7. If you wish to have a web page to be created with your advert, you will have to make a separate payment, more information check our add-ons price.
  8. Editing/changing a banner that currently running on the site will be allowed to change at a term. The changed banner advertisement may take up to 7-10 days to publish.
  9. Fast frame rate animations, unsuitable colors, offensive words or sexually excited pictures are not being supposed to use in the advertisement banner as it will affect our site.
  10. The rate of the 3 months contract advertisement will be change depend on the rate at that time that you were about to renew your advertisement. The rates will be change at any time during the contract days, so we will take no responsibility that that amount will remains same as your first payment rate.
  11. Copyrights or illegal material, any unsupervised discussion board or Social network site/page should not be accepted in our site. You will have an opportunity to refund your payment if you have paid and not agreed to our terms.
  12. Any submissions or publish advertisements of a particular product will not be modify or change for any other product or site. In order to change the advertisement you will be asked to concern about applying a new order for that particular product.
  13. As a banner advertiser’s you should not make use of your adverts or the related link with the pornographic pictures. By any chance if we found that you are misusing the advertisement terms by using the pornographic pictures or links, we will terminated without any notice and will be getting no refund.
  14. The cancellation by the customer of any Advertising after the booking deadline will incur a cancellation fee of 10% of the charges that would be payable by the customer if the Advertising has not been published or completed. At the same time you may cancel the published or running advertisement with free of charge but will not gain any refund for the remaining days.
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